Why Voice is essential to your business

We have entered the Era of Voice. Here’s a brief outline from the Founders of ONSEI why Voice is essential for your business.

Our world is changing faster than ever. Major companies have introduced their versions of voice assistants over the past few years: Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Google Assistant (Google) and also of course Cortana (Microsoft). And with Amazon Echo and Google Home we have now 2 devices which make our lives much easier.

Why voice has become so important

When you think about voice - you sometimes might still think: “yeah voice, nice and fine, but I can’t see any pictures and it’s hard to navigate.” Of course - but that’s the beauty of it. Voice is natural. Voice is something we’ve always been doing.

Voice is getting better than ever. Accuracy is improving at lightening speed and advances in speech recognition, language processing and machine learning are converging - making Voice the most critical technology to understand.

“As speech recognition accuracy goes from say, 95% to 99%, all of us will go from barely using it today to using it all the time. 99% is a game changer.”

Voice is a world wide trend and with good reason. Voice interfaces are much easier and faster. Mary Meeker also said in her recent trend report from KPCB that voice powered search is already replacing typing. ()

Also speech recognition is constantly improving. It will become a natural behaviour in our lives.

Meeker predicts the rise of voice interfaces because they’re fast, easy, personalized, hands-free, and cheap, with Google on Android now seeing 20% of searches from voice, and Amazon Echo sales growing as iPhone sales slow.

Making Homes smarter with Voice

What we love about Alexa & Google Home is that it is at home and part of the family. Friends and clients have reported us they use it with their kids a lot and what they love the most is, that they don’t have to take out their phones all the time.

The good news for tech-savvy brands and customers is that the voice-activation trend is only getting started and will definitely play a huge role in customer experiences of the future.

Why you need to be thinking about Voice

Analyst Gartner estimated two years that 30 percent of our interactions with technology will be through 'conversations' with smart machines by 2018. So, should CIOs start planning for voice as the next-generation user interface?

Brands need to start thinking about creating standout voice-driven experiences to remain competitive.

Voice digital assistant usage will grow nearly 130% this year and By 2020, more than 1.8 billion consumers will use Voice digital assistants. Some people might still say - but how are we making money…. Experts say that In less than 4 years, Voice is projected to drive $11.7 billion in sales.

If you have an App out there - and it is servicing your customers - then you should start thinking about joining the voice platforms. Just think of how Amazon Echo or Google Home could make your life and the ones of your customers easier.

Voice can make our lives easier in many situations. Asking about a train connection or departure. Ordering food or finding great restaurants near you. Setting an alarm, dimming the lights or reading a good night story. There a thousands of use cases for alexa - so think about what’s yours? Where do you fit in? Where can you bring value to the user.

We love designing interfaces

We love to think about Alexa and Google Home as another powerful channel. In the 90’s everyone had websites, then smartphones got released and people starting using Mobile Apps. Now the consumption on Mobile is much bigger than on Web. Now we’ve entered the voice era. It is still early but people around the world are getting used to having and echo device in their living room or kitchen and integrating it in their lives.

Now the big question is how can you build a voice interface with a hook. How can you trigger users to use it everyday? What value and reward can you bring to the user?

You probably have heard of the Hooked Model by Nir Eyal. We at ONSEI constantly think about building voice interfaces that create value and make the lives of users easier.

We want to build things that people use every day.

Welcome to the World of Voice. This is just the beginning.

Yours Truly,