We create Voice Experiences for brands

We plan, design and develop voice experiences for leading brands around the world. We've built Alexa Skills and Google Actions and also work with Bixby. Give your brand a voice.

Our mission is to make the world smarter using the power of voice and creating meaningful voice experiences for millions of people.


The world started talking. This year it is expected that more than 33m voice devices will be sold. The Mary Meeker Internet Report of 2016 states that voice should become the efficient form of computing input.

Amazon Echo & Google Home are simply the start of a much bigger future, where consumers will enjoy a more natural way of interacting with machines - conversational voice. 

We at ONSEI, which is Japanese for Voice, specialize in building conversational interfaces to empower your business. We help companies around the world to access the world of voice.


When designing voice interfaces we always put the user first.



The first step in developing a powerful voice interface is to understand the user and its persona. We conduct user research and design the complete user flow & journey from end to end.


Our team of voice user interface developers and designers bring your ideas and the brand voice to life. Within a few weeks you will be part of testing with us and our user groups who we carefully select for you.



We guarantee the certification of your skill and manage the complete publication. We also maintain and host your Voice App once in production, making sure your Voice App is working 24/7 with all Amazon or Google API updates.


Once live our team will help you define the right KPIs to track and measure your success. We will enhance your Voice App based on feedback and connect you with our partners at Amazon or Google for joint Marketing.

Some of our Skills


car2go - Carsharing

Blinkist Minute

HVV - Hamburger Verkehrsverbund


Within the next 4 years Voice is projected to drive over $11.7 billion in sales. Think about your Voice strategy today and shape the future of your brand. Let's start creating voice interfaces for your customers.